Donation Abandonment

According to multiple studies, 50 to 70 percent of online donation attempts end before completion. Let’s put “donation abandonment” into real-world context. We pour precious resources –money, time and creativity – into finding like-minded donors and convincing them to view our website. These potential donors then click the “Donate” button, saying in effect, “Yes! I … Continue reading Donation Abandonment

Fundraising’s Future

What do Starbucks and demographic trends have to do with fundraising? On most days probably nothing, but a few years ago I was sitting in Starbucks reading an article about how demographic trends are affecting the financial world. The business world loves this kind of data because population size dictates consumerism. As CEO of a … Continue reading Fundraising’s Future

Biblical Generosity

Encountering biblical generosity, whether in the lives of donors, leaders, missionaries, colleagues, or those we interact with daily is always a gift. Such generosity also prompts us to encourage others to be “rich towards God.” This sentiment (regarding stewardship) is the theme of Dr. Wesley Willmer’s book, Revolution in Generosity (Moody Publishers, 2008). The late … Continue reading Biblical Generosity

Strategic Budgeting

A nonprofit organization’s budget tells a story of its health, priorities and personality. The budget should align with its strategy, and the strategy should align with its mission. In other words, the organization’s budget should serve as a game plan to accomplish the mission. Budgeting, if done correctly, has the power to enhance teamwork and … Continue reading Strategic Budgeting