A Patchwork of Risk

Post-pandemic, U.S. employers face a jungle of competing regulations. The regulatory mess is made worse by the fact that remote workers now choose to work far from the employer’s headquarters, often in other states. Acceptable and commonplace policies in one state may be prohibited elsewhere. Religious employers face the same issues, with the added complication … Continue reading A Patchwork of Risk

Why Dignity?

Why dignity? I often am asked this question and further, how does dignity relate to leadership and workplace culture? Understanding dignity means to acknowledge and recognize the inherent worth of every human being. Because of this, everything we do, especially leadership, is an opportunity to make significant impact. Here is how it works. God made us in his … Continue reading Why Dignity?

Entrusted with Prayer

Political unrest. COVID. Natural disasters. Economic uncertainty. Organizational challenges. Divisive issues are limitless. While the specifics may differ in each culture, none of this is new to God. We discover this truth while reading Israel’s history. God’s people failed to follow his commands individually and collectively. Rather than be a blessing to the nations, they found … Continue reading Entrusted with Prayer

Mission Focus

Serving in any organization requires that one understand the vision and mission of the entity and communicate these ideas clearly. Such mission focus is critically important for Christ-centered organizations. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” The dramatic times we have seen in the past two years have been problematic for individuals and organizations … Continue reading Mission Focus

Innovating to New Donors

For many nonprofits, 2020 and 2021 were exceptional years in fundraising. However, current economic conditions represent an existential threat for nonprofit organizations. That’s not hyperbole. There are no guarantees in what the short-term future looks like. If a global economic slowdown begins for several years, nonprofit organizations will face funding challenges like never before. Short-term … Continue reading Innovating to New Donors

Religious Liberty for All

While our Constitution’s protections for religious liberty are a hallmark of American democracy, they were never a foregone conclusion. Our nation’s commitment to religious freedom emerged at a time when that commitment was unique. Before the Revolutionary War, eight of the thirteen colonies had an established church. People were legally required to follow specific religious … Continue reading Religious Liberty for All