Summer 2019 | Giving

Connected for Christ

Christian Leadership Alliance President & CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Jacinta Tegman, CEO of the Seattle-based CRISTA Ministries. They discussed Tegman’s vision for CRISTA, her thoughts on stepping into this new role, and this edition’s theme. [...]

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Global Megatrends for Philanthropy

As ministries develop their next long-term strategic plan, leaders must keep in mind five megatrends which will have significant implications for fundraising.

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Awakened to Abundance

Our human flourishing is tied directly with our ability to experience purpose, and that is why giving is a part of experiencing the abundant life Jesus brings.

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Donor Discipleship

My experience has been that the large majority of “cheerful givers” are not born generous – they are discipled to become generous.

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Game Changing Opportunities

Through planned gifts, loyal donors can give in grand, more impactful ways than would ever be possible through their checkbooks or wallets.

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Trust and Funding

How do we align our faith-based fundraising orientation with a world that’s become increasingly secular and more complex? A new study offers perspective.

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Sowing Seeds

What is the heart of development? What is our most important role as fundraisers in a ministry? Or said differently, what is God’s heart in development?

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The Key to a Donor’s Heart

Urgency and Impact! These are the two most important words to donors. Why do I need to donate to you now, and what is the impact of my donation?

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Grant Funding Opportunities

Leaders of many faith-based organizations cringe at the very thought of receiving grant funds or incorrectly assume that they are not eligible for grant funding.

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An Unlikely Fundraiser

If you had asked me ten years ago if I would be working for a small nonprofit raising money to help families, I would have laughed and replied, “Never in a million years!”

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Books for Summer 2019

In each edition of Outcomes, Christian Leadership Alliance highlights books to help you think higher as a Christian leader. Here are 12 volumes exploring vital topics including this edition’s theme of Christ-honoring “giving.”

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