Winter 2017 | Generosity

Inspiring Generosity

CLA President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Atul Tandon, CEO of Opportunity International. Tandon has a background marked by building, scaling and turning around some of the world’s best-known for-profit and nonprofit enterprises.

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Ancient Paths

Understanding the Bible’s principles of generosity is still the most effective way to energize Christian giving.

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Growing Generous Givers

I grew up as a pastor’s kid. There were six kids, and I was fifth out of six. My dad always pastored small churches so it meant that the offerings were small and that we had to make do with what was given to us.

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A Generosity Parable

A wealthy man was preparing to leave on a trip when he learned of a family that had suffered a great loss and was nearly destitute. He had compassion on them but was pressed to depart so he called for his son

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Millennial Donors

When it comes to millennials the conventional wisdom isn’t all that accurate, as we found out through our study of millennial donors here in the U.S. While there were a number of things we learned, let me highlight four key findings.

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Smarter Giving

For all the bad rap we Americans get for self-centered consumerism, it’s interesting to note this surprising truth… we’re actually pretty generous. And in this landscape of generosity, Christian philanthropists and volunteers continue to stand out [...]

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Perspectives on Wise Generosity

Money can be a tremendous resource and help to ministries and people in crisis when it is given in a way that lifts up local communities. Yet, it can cause harm when given in a way that marginalizes

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Biblical Generosity

Encountering biblical generosity, whether in the lives of donors, leaders, missionaries, colleagues, or those we interact with daily is always a gift. Such generosity also prompts us to encourage others to be “rich towards God.”

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Know Your Why

Why should someone donate to your ministry? How you answer this question—and if you’ve ever asked someone for money you’ve already answered it, whether consciously or not—says a lot about how you communicate with your donors

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The Power of Gratitude

If God gave us generous hearts, how do we live into this generosity? And how do we empower others to steward their influence around money? This is the tricky part, isn’t it? It starts with gratitude.

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Faithful Stewards

When it comes to encouraging generosity among donors, I believe that we must first be generous before we can teach and ask others to be generous.

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Books and Studies for Winter 2017

CLA highlights books and studies to help you go deeper on the topics of generosity, leadership development and more. You will also find information on The Outcomes Conference 2018 learning experiences regarding generosity and resource development.

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