Transparency and Effective Leadership

In the intricate tapestry of nonprofit landscapes, transparency and effective leadership are not mere virtues, but essential threads that weave success and impact. Rooted in Christian values while serving in the broader culture of the United States, organizations find strength in openness, accountability, and ethical conduct. Let’s explore the shared narratives of Christian nonprofits and … Continue reading Transparency and Effective Leadership

Risk Management

Now more than ever before, nonprofit leaders must recognize the importance of risk management as an inherent part of organizational oversight and leadership. But what does proper risk management look like, and whose responsibility is it? What does proper risk management look like, and whose responsibility is it? Many nonprofit governing bodies (boards) assume that … Continue reading Risk Management

Generational Generosity

Generosity is a foundational principle in our family. Generosity is a foundational principle in our family. Growing up, we watched our parents faithfully serve in ministry for many years. They made countless sacrifices and dedicated many hours to serving the Lord and others. Although we didn’t fully understand the significance of this as children, we are … Continue reading Generational Generosity

Leaders of Influence

Politics aside, we can all agree that we live in a time of economic uncertainty. This is a time when the need for influential leadership is paramount to organizational growth. Organizational growth only comes from leading teams that get results. Organizational growth only comes from leading teams that get results. Most organizations ebb and flow with … Continue reading Leaders of Influence

Reinventing the Wheel

How many times have you heard “let’s not reinvent the wheel”? Dozens? Hundreds? Perhaps you’ve even said it a few times. (We have too.) Surely, sometimes this is terrible advice. After all, no one drives around in a car with four medieval wooden cart wheels hugging the road. Similarly, “let’s not reinvent the wheel” is … Continue reading Reinventing the Wheel