Authentic Appreciation

While authenticity has become an important concept in our culture recently, we have long emphasized that authentic appreciation is critical for healthy workplace relationships. However, employee recognition, which often does not seem genuine, can cause employees to react with cynicism and increased distrust. Employee Recognition vs. Authentic Appreciation While 85% to 90% of all companies … Continue reading Authentic Appreciation

Trust and Funding

More and more senior executives at Christian nonprofits today find themselves staring at a gradually diminishing pool of individual donor funding. As giving levels recede so does the ability to fund the facilities and program growth outlined in the organization’s vision for the future. Among the challenges: How do we align our faith-based fundraising orientation … Continue reading Trust and Funding

Hungry to Thrive

Years ago, I heard a quote attributed to the late Peter Drucker, although some have questioned whether he really said it. Regardless of the source, the message stuck with me: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” When we consider what it takes to thrive as Christian leaders, we may tend to rely heavily on strategy. After … Continue reading Hungry to Thrive