Sustainer Giving in a Subscription Economy

Would you have ever thought that Netflix would reshape donor behavior? Now, more than ever, sustainer giving represents the single most important general fundraising opportunity for organizations. That’s because income from sustainer giving is: Predictable Consistent Recession-resistant Two major trends make a thriving, growing sustainer program more critical than ever: changing consumer behavior and then … Continue reading Sustainer Giving in a Subscription Economy

Faith and Action

One of the most transformative journeys for any Christian leader is learning to navigate well the relationship between faith and action. One leader who did so in a key moment of crisis was King Hezekiah of Judah. He was a leader who acted boldly while fully relying on God. A Foundation of Faith King Hezekiah … Continue reading Faith and Action

Creative Destruction

We’ve recently experienced awards season. The riveting war drama 1917 won the Golden Globe for best picture. Billie Eilish dominated the Grammys. Perpetual big hitters Tom Hanks, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Hopkins and Kathy Bates were nominated for Oscars. Too many important kingdom nonprofits aren’t growing. In the spirit of awards season, if there was an … Continue reading Creative Destruction

Authentic Appreciation

While authenticity has become an important concept in our culture recently, we have long emphasized that authentic appreciation is critical for healthy workplace relationships. However, employee recognition, which often does not seem genuine, can cause employees to react with cynicism and increased distrust. Employee Recognition vs. Authentic Appreciation While 85% to 90% of all companies … Continue reading Authentic Appreciation