Tapping into the Source

In your leadership, do you struggle with insecurity, irritability or being overwhelmed? Do you face toxic relationships, uncertainties or challenges that you are not sure how to address? If you’re reading this magazine, my guess is that you’re likely to believe that, through faith in Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit within us, as a … Continue reading Tapping into the Source

Entitled or Entrusted?

Are we entrusted with our leadership role, or we are entitled to it? Given the state of leadership in our country and in the church, this is an increasingly poignant question. Are we entrusted with our leadership role, or we are entitled to it? We applaud Christian Leadership Alliance for choosing “Entrusted” as this year’s … Continue reading Entitled or Entrusted?

A Higher Allegiance

To wear or not to wear, that is the question. For a couple of years, we have thought, talked, and maybe even argued about masks at church. But I first contemplated mask-wearing at church about ten years ago, before the pandemic and for a very different reason. While leading a class called “Christianity Explored,” I … Continue reading A Higher Allegiance

The Beautiful Community

One rhythm of life that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly altered in 2020 was weddings. Virtual weddings officiated online and socially distanced wedding with only a handful of your closest friends in attendance were the norm for a year. It is not likely that many 2020 newlyweds would say that their wedding was just as they … Continue reading The Beautiful Community

A Shepherd’s Vision

Growing up in southern California in the 1960s and 1970s certainly had its perks. You can picture them – clear skies, the Pacific Ocean, nearly perfect weather year-round, and you guessed it, Disneyland. Walt saw his vision realized as one “land” after another was designed and erected. It would eventually attract children of all ages … Continue reading A Shepherd’s Vision