The Beautiful Community

One rhythm of life that the COVID-19 pandemic significantly altered in 2020 was weddings. Virtual weddings officiated online and socially distanced wedding with only a handful of your closest friends in attendance were the norm for a year. It is not likely that many 2020 newlyweds would say that their wedding was just as they … Continue reading The Beautiful Community

A Shepherd’s Vision

Growing up in southern California in the 1960s and 1970s certainly had its perks. You can picture them – clear skies, the Pacific Ocean, nearly perfect weather year-round, and you guessed it, Disneyland. Walt saw his vision realized as one “land” after another was designed and erected. It would eventually attract children of all ages … Continue reading A Shepherd’s Vision

Kingdom Wisdom

One of my direct reports had come to me for advice on how to solve a problem he was facing. His options were several—all with good and bad consequences. Which one should he choose? As I listened, I was having a conversation with myself. “He’s going to expect me to have an answer. What should … Continue reading Kingdom Wisdom