Strategic Leadership

CLA president and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Edgar Sandoval, Chief Operating Officer, World Vision, U.S. Sandoval is responsible for overseeing the implementation of World Vision’s U.S. operations and strategic plan. Sandoval joined World Vision in 2015, bringing with him a strong background in general management, strategy, operations, innovation and brand-building. Edgar is a Christian … Continue reading Strategic Leadership

Faithful Stewards

When it comes to encouraging generosity among donors, I believe that we must first be generous before we can teach and ask others to be generous. One of the most important Scriptures to follow is Matt. 6:31-33. “So do not worry, saying, ‘What shall we eat?’ or ‘What shall we drink?’ or ‘What shall we wear?’ … Continue reading Faithful Stewards

Know Your Why

Why should someone donate to your ministry? How you answer this question—and if you’ve ever asked someone for money you’ve already answered it, whether consciously or not—says a lot about how you communicate with your donors and the type of relationship you have with them. If you tell your donors that without their support your … Continue reading Know Your Why

Biblical Generosity

Encountering biblical generosity, whether in the lives of donors, leaders, missionaries, colleagues, or those we interact with daily is always a gift. Such generosity also prompts us to encourage others to be “rich towards God.” This sentiment (regarding stewardship) is the theme of Dr. Wesley Willmer’s book, Revolution in Generosity (Moody Publishers, 2008). The late … Continue reading Biblical Generosity

Smarter Giving

For all the bad rap we Americans get for self-centered consumerism, it’s interesting to note this surprising truth… we’re actually pretty generous. According to the Giving USA 2017 report on philanthropy, American individuals, estates, foundations and corporations contributed an estimated $390.05 billion to U.S. charities in 2016, a four percent increase over 2015. Total giving … Continue reading Smarter Giving

Millennial Donors

There is a lot of conventional wisdom circulating about millennials compared to other generations, including… They have a higher propensity to want to volunteer They aren’t as religiously involved, and They aren’t a very generous generation Like usual, the conventional wisdom isn’t all that accurate, as we found out through our study of millennial donors … Continue reading Millennial Donors