Faithful Metrics

During the pandemic, our leadership team put aside our very active effort to re-tool and rethink our key performance indicators (KPIs) and key performance factors (KPFs). Our attention was completely consumed helping our business partners and staff to get through crazy new challenges of ministry shutdowns and start-ups. Some schools are on round three; some … Continue reading Faithful Metrics

Thriving in Such a Time

Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Commissioner Kenneth G. Hodder, National Commander for The Salvation Army, USA. They explored together the “Thrive” theme of this edition of Outcomes. Commissioner Hodder is the sixth generation from his family to serve in The Salvation Army. He is a graduate of Harvard College (A.B. … Continue reading Thriving in Such a Time

Narrow Your Focus

The sounds are deafening. New message alerts combined with colleagues (or kids) talking outside your door make it difficult to focus. You open Facebook and your feed screams contrary messages, while clients keep calling to demand your response to the latest social issues. We struggle to hear ourselves think, and we wonder if we are … Continue reading Narrow Your Focus