Freedom from Fear

“He who has overcome his fears will truly be free,” Aristotle. Fear is the currency of today’s world. It hyperventilates on our social media feeds and dominates our news stories. Fear is potent because it sells. It attracts viewers. Fear motivates voters. Fear drives donations. It also spurs bitter tribalism. A constant drumbeat of fear … Continue reading Freedom from Fear

Books for Winter 2023

BOOKS 1. Lead With Prayer: The spiritual habits of world-changing leaders By Ryan Skoog and Peter Greer, with Cameron Doolittle (FaithWords, Jan. 23, 2024) Book Overview  Listen to Peter Greer on Best Christian Workplaces’ The Flourishing Culture Leadership Podcast as he discusses “Shaping Souls: Building Christian Character in Your Team.” 2. Hire Right, First Time: A practical guide for staffing … Continue reading Books for Winter 2023