Managing Risk for Christian Nonprofits

Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Peter Persuitti, Global Managing Director, Nonprofit | Religious Practices, Gallagher. They explored the theme of this edition of Outcomes, “Risk.” For more than 22 years, Peter Persuitti has led a specialized group of consultants, claims administrators and brokers. Gallagher is the world’s third largest broker … Continue reading Managing Risk for Christian Nonprofits

A Patchwork of Risk

Post-pandemic, U.S. employers face a jungle of competing regulations. The regulatory mess is made worse by the fact that remote workers now choose to work far from the employer’s headquarters, often in other states. Acceptable and commonplace policies in one state may be prohibited elsewhere. Religious employers face the same issues, with the added complication … Continue reading A Patchwork of Risk

Risk Management

Now more than ever before, nonprofit leaders must recognize the importance of risk management as an inherent part of organizational oversight and leadership. But what does proper risk management look like, and whose responsibility is it? What does proper risk management look like, and whose responsibility is it? Many nonprofit governing bodies (boards) assume that … Continue reading Risk Management

Books for Winter 2023

BOOKS 1. Lead With Prayer: The spiritual habits of world-changing leaders By Ryan Skoog and Peter Greer, with Cameron Doolittle (FaithWords, Jan. 23, 2024) Book Overview  Listen to Peter Greer on Best Christian Workplaces’ The Flourishing Culture Leadership Podcast as he discusses “Shaping Souls: Building Christian Character in Your Team.” 2. Hire Right, First Time: A practical guide for staffing … Continue reading Books for Winter 2023