Books for Summer 2024

Outcomes magazine recommends books to inspire and equip you to thrive as a Christian leader. The theme of the Summer 2024 edition is “Vision.” 1. Lost in Transition: Lessons from the Most Disastrous & Successful Ministry Successions By Steve Woodworth (Kingdom Life Publishing, Jan. 1, 2024) Book Overview   Listen to Steve Woodworth on The Flourishing Culture … Continue reading Books for Summer 2024

Vision as Your North Star

In a future world, where uncertainty is a strategic assumption, one factor still stands as the cornerstone of organizational sustainability: the organization’s core identity with the arrowhead of this identity being the organization’s vision. As important as mission, values, and core principles are for clarity of impact, vision is the leading and guiding light. It … Continue reading Vision as Your North Star

Books for Spring 2024

BOOKS OUTCOMES CONFERENCE BOOK OF THE YEAR: 1. Healthy Leadership for Thriving Organizations: Creating contexts where people flourish By Dr. Justin A. Irving (Baker Academic, Dec. 2023) Book Overview  Christian Leadership Alliance has selected Healthy Leadership for Thriving Organizations by Dr. Justin A. Irving, Duke K. McCall Professor of Christian Leadership at The Southern Baptist Theological … Continue reading Books for Spring 2024

“Therefore” Wisdom from Philippians

Last year, I graduated with my PhD, and therefore obtained the title of doctor. This year I have the privilege of speaking to women at Christian Leadership Alliance’s Outcomes Conference, therefore I’ve written the current article. The 2024 Outcomes Conference theme is “Therefore,” therefore I’m using these examples to highlight what this significant word, therefore, … Continue reading “Therefore” Wisdom from Philippians

Managing Risk for Christian Nonprofits

Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Peter Persuitti, Global Managing Director, Nonprofit | Religious Practices, Gallagher. They explored the theme of this edition of Outcomes, “Risk.” For more than 22 years, Peter Persuitti has led a specialized group of consultants, claims administrators and brokers. Gallagher is the world’s third largest broker … Continue reading Managing Risk for Christian Nonprofits

Fiduciary CPR

The year 2023 has brought with it a host of challenges! Rising interest rates, a banking crisis, the ongoing war in Ukraine which shows little sign of ending. The removal of the Speaker of the House, and election of a new Speaker of the House. The threat of a government shutdown. Also, the burgeoning conflict … Continue reading Fiduciary CPR