Summer 2018 | Vision

An Enduring Vision

Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Commissioner David Hudson, National Commander for The Salvation Army, U.S.A.

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Clear Vision

Vision can do many important things, but its greatest power is this: Vision creates clarity. When a leader casts a strong vision, every part of the organization comes into sharper focus.

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Rooting for Rivals

Bible translation would seem like a likely place for generosity and openhanded collaboration. Getting all of Scripture into every language is a clear goal shared by the global church. But like every sector, it's also a place of fragmentation.

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Conflict and Vision

The Great Commission is at the heart of Christian mission statements everywhere, and its importance can hardly be overstated. But disagreement and conflict came quickly in the early church.

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Resourcing Your Vision

Vision-casting does not mean crafting a clever phrase to describe an ideal. It's not the function of wordsmithing. Visioning is visualizing and articulating the new reality that will exist as a result of your efforts, by God's grace.

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Getting to What Matters Most

"After more than 50 years of growth and impact, we risk losing everything if we don't get this right." Is this your story? The young executive director told us what was at stake as we walked into the strategy retreat. He was right.

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A Bold Vision

Reflecting on my 20 years as CEO of World Vision US, I'm grateful for how God guided me to cast a bold vision for the organization from the start. Sixty days after taking the job, I sat in a hut in Uganda, staring into the face of the AIDS pandemic.

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On Mission

You want to maintain vision and focus? Try getting your board to be so vested in accomplishing the mission they can recite the mission statement at will. Taylor University has maintained that focus and vision since 1846.

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Fundraising’s Future

What do Starbucks and demographic trends have to do with fundraising? On most days probably nothing, but a few years ago I was sitting in Starbucks reading an article about how demographic trends are affecting the financial world.

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What is Your Vision?

In Christian ministry, our vision, mission and values must communicate a clear way a ministry is seeking to impact the world for Jesus. Crafting and casting a global vision is not an easy task but here are some questions and thoughts to consider.

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My Lesson in Dreaming BIG!

The most important aspect of a vision for an organization is that it evokes passion and hope. If you are the leader, the vision must be so strong for you that it is a part of the fabric of your very being.

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Books for Summer 2018

In each edition of Outcomes magazine, Christian Leadership Alliance highlights books to help you to think higher as a Christian leader.

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