Spring 2019 | Rooted

Have More Fun!

Christian Leadership Alliance President and CEO Tami Heim recently interviewed Mandy Arioto, president and CEO of MOPS International on the “Rooted” theme of this edition of Outcomes magazine.

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Sleeping Giants

I was standing on the front porch of a ranch house in southern Oklahoma when the director of the leadership retreat approached. He said, “We’ll start soon. Everybody is here but one.”

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Whole Leader Reformation

It’s time to talk about leaders – and more specifically – improving our efforts to develop whole leaders. Whether it’s a leader emerging from poverty, a business leader desiring a deeper connection of faith in their work…

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Sacred Space

Do you feel pressed for time, caught up in the swirl and white water toxicity of a never ending work culture? It doesn’t have to be that way. Words like rest, alone, a quiet place, and sacred space can and need to be operative realities...

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Generational Diversity

Calling is a great equalizer… Regardless of your ethnic background, generation, and socio-economic status, every person is on a life-long search of discovering and living out their God-given calling.

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Defining Moments

Defining moments. Every leader has them. Likely one or two come to mind just on hearing the phrase. Paula Fuller, Executive Vice President, People and Culture, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship/USA, and Dr. Bruce McNicol, CEO of TrueFace, reflect...

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Rooted in Christ

My mother had two green thumbs. She could plant any seed, water it and a plant would grow. She said the seed would open to put down roots, and strong roots were the most important part in growing the plant.

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Real Rest. Really?

Laughter. The sound emanated from the mobile phone speaker, filling my office. This was the eighth phone conversation and the eighth response of incredulous laughter. Though I hadn’t expected it, I knew I had earned this response to my proposal.

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Underground Fires of Conflict

It started in the Garden of Eden. Cain and Abel just couldn’t get along and it went horribly sour from there. Ever since, interpersonal conflict has plagued mankind, destroying people, societies, countries, and yes, organizations.

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Your Leadership Legacy

One trait of a good leader is that they’re going someplace… So where are you going? Can you describe your destination clearly enough that others want to follow you there? Is it clear enough that you want to follow yourself there?

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Canopies of Restoration

When someone asks me what I’ve learned as a CEO of two ministries, I quote Bobby Clinton’s The Making of a Leader (NavPress, 2012): “Leadership flows from being.” For good or ill, who I am is how I lead.

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Books for Spring 2019

In each edition of Outcomes, Christian Leadership Alliance highlights books to help you to think higher as a Christian leader. Here are 12 books to consider from authors who will be speaking/teaching at The Outcomes Conference 2019.

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