Books for Spring 2022

BOOKS 1. Road to Flourishing: Eight keys to boost employee engagement and well-being By Al Lopus (IVP, April 19, 2022) Book Overview  OUTCOMES CONFERENCE BOOK OF THE YEAR: Christian Leadership Alliance has selected Road to Flourishing by Al Lopus, Cofounder and CEO, Best Christian Workplaces Institute, as its 2022 Outcomes Conference book of the year. … Continue reading Books for Spring 2022

Books for Winter 2021

BOOKS 1. Embracing Succession: Helping ministry leaders confront the personal side of transition By Will Heath (Crosslink Publishing, June 1, 2021) Book Overview  Hear more from Will Heath on this episode of The 5 Leadership Questions Podcast as he discusses “Succession” and ways to make it work. – LISTEN 2. Succession: Seven practices to navigate mission-critical … Continue reading Books for Winter 2021

Books for Summer 2021

BOOKS 1. Lead Like it Matters to God: Values-driven leadership in a success-driven world By Richard Stearns (IVP, March 30, 2021) Book Overview  Lead Like it Matters to God is the Outcomes Conference Book of the Year! Learn More (Join Rich Stearns for a “Lunch-and-Learn” talk on his new book at The Outcomes Conference, June 15-17, … Continue reading Books for Summer 2021

Books for Fall 2020

BOOKS 12 books on stewarding our lives and leadership for Christ 1. Kingdom Stewardship By Dr. Tony Evans (Focus on the Family, Jan. 7, 2020) Book Overview 2. Succession: Seven practices to navigate mission-critical leadership transitions By Peter Greer and Doug Fagerstrom (Independently published, Aug. 12, 2020) Book Overview 3. The Beautiful Community: Unity, diversity and the church … Continue reading Books for Fall 2020

Books for Summer 2020

BOOKS 1. Generation Z Unfiltered: Facing nine hidden challenges of the most anxious population By Dr. Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak (Poet Gardner, Oct., 2019) Book Overview  2. no one’s listening and it’s your fault: Get your message heard during organizational transformations By Pam Haralakova Marmon (Lioncrest Publishing, March 13, 2020) Book Overview 3. Keep them Longer: How … Continue reading Books for Summer 2020

Books for Spring 2020

BOOKS 1. Character Still Counts: It is time to restore our lasting values By James Merritt (Harvest House Publishers, Feb. 2020) Book Overview  2. Hope Now: Peace, healing and justice when the kingdom comes near By Dr. Albert L. Reyes  (Iron Stream Books, Oct. 2019) Book Overview 3. Leadership Endurance By Brian Sanders (Certa Publishing, May 28, … Continue reading Books for Spring 2020