The End of Leadership?

We see leadership failures regularly, both on the news and in our immediate network. One business leader wrecks a company due to mismanagement; another is fired for mistreatment of staff. A political leader has an affair, a teacher abuses a child, a church leader is fired for embezzlement, etc. In every case, the sordid details … Continue reading The End of Leadership?

Reaching Gen Z

“This is why we stan.” As I read that sentence, my fingers itched to add the letter “d.” But knowing the young and brilliant author who submitted the article, I decided to reach out to him with my proposed edit. His response was informative: “Stan” is a made-up word that means “love and support no … Continue reading Reaching Gen Z

Servant Leadership

I find that most Christians long to use their time and talents to advance Christ’s purposes. Their understanding of the path to such service, however, is deeply influenced by the assumptions of our culture. According to popular leadership theory, we must use the majority of our talents in order to be successful. Many believe that … Continue reading Servant Leadership