One Brick at a Time

What does David Green and Hobby Lobby have to do with the growth of your ministry? While some people might first think of the Green family as a funding source, there’s an opportunity for deeper instruction from their story. Their story has been well documented in Giving it All Away and Getting it all Back … Continue reading One Brick at a Time

Growing Generation Z

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most employees hunkered down in their homes. For many organizations, it was a time to learn how to leverage technology better. For others, it was a time for team members from various age groups to discover how different they were. I consulted with one company and on a single day heard … Continue reading Growing Generation Z

Awakened to Abundance

“Did my donation matter?” The first time I heard this question, it startled me. The second time, this question caused me to pause. After the third time, I started to dig deeper. How could a donor that once felt so compelled to financially support a nonprofit organization now question if their donation even mattered? I … Continue reading Awakened to Abundance