Reflecting God’s Kingdom

Over the last two years, the United States has experienced a heightened level of pain, violence, public protest, division, and even fear about racial issues and injustices. This has brought significant focus on the diversity and inclusion work in organizations with employees having new expectations of their employers to make right, speak out, and create … Continue reading Reflecting God’s Kingdom

One Brick at a Time

What does David Green and Hobby Lobby have to do with the growth of your ministry? While some people might first think of the Green family as a funding source, there’s an opportunity for deeper instruction from their story. Their story has been well documented in Giving it All Away and Getting it all Back … Continue reading One Brick at a Time

Growing Generation Z

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most employees hunkered down in their homes. For many organizations, it was a time to learn how to leverage technology better. For others, it was a time for team members from various age groups to discover how different they were. I consulted with one company and on a single day heard … Continue reading Growing Generation Z

Awakened to Abundance

“Did my donation matter?” The first time I heard this question, it startled me. The second time, this question caused me to pause. After the third time, I started to dig deeper. How could a donor that once felt so compelled to financially support a nonprofit organization now question if their donation even mattered? I … Continue reading Awakened to Abundance