Growing Generation Z

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most employees hunkered down in their homes. For many organizations, it was a time to learn how to leverage technology better. For others, it was a time for team members from various age groups to discover how different they were. I consulted with one company and on a single day heard … Continue reading Growing Generation Z

Sustainer Giving in a Subscription Economy

Would you have ever thought that Netflix would reshape donor behavior? Now, more than ever, sustainer giving represents the single most important general fundraising opportunity for organizations. That’s because income from sustainer giving is: Predictable Consistent Recession-resistant Two major trends make a thriving, growing sustainer program more critical than ever: changing consumer behavior and then … Continue reading Sustainer Giving in a Subscription Economy

What Story Will They Tell?

“Our board would like you to come fix our Millennials.” The administrator of a small nonprofit was on the phone explaining that her organization established a “junior board of Millennials” as part of their succession plan. The Board of Directors, composed of Baby Boomers and Traditionalists, wanted these Millennials “fixed” to embrace the organization’s mission … Continue reading What Story Will They Tell?

Who Leads Next?

What do today’s faith-based nonprofit leaders see as the future leadership needs of their organizations? A few years ago, I was deeply involved in a comprehensive survey designed to try and address some of these questions. The answers we found may surprise you. They will certainly inform you. And I believe these findings are applicable … Continue reading Who Leads Next?

Books for Summer 2020

BOOKS 1. Generation Z Unfiltered: Facing nine hidden challenges of the most anxious population By Dr. Tim Elmore and Andrew McPeak (Poet Gardner, Oct., 2019) Book Overview  2. no one’s listening and it’s your fault: Get your message heard during organizational transformations By Pam Haralakova Marmon (Lioncrest Publishing, March 13, 2020) Book Overview 3. Keep them Longer: How … Continue reading Books for Summer 2020