Sizing Up

My husband, Todd, and I moved to Mexico in 1997 with our savings account, hoping to meet orphans, learn Spanish, and follow a call to make a difference. Twenty-plus years later, Back2Back is in nine locations around the world, managing an annual budget of $11 million dollars. The learning curve between there and here has … Continue reading Sizing Up

Seasons of Change

“Prepare for exodus.” These were the words that came to mind during a workshop at the Outcomes Conference 2019. Every season of change should have a desired outcome. RiverCross, the ministry I lead, had come under the umbrella of a larger organization in 2015. We retained our 501©3 status, but operated as a ministry of … Continue reading Seasons of Change

Reaching Gen Z

“This is why we stan.” As I read that sentence, my fingers itched to add the letter “d.” But knowing the young and brilliant author who submitted the article, I decided to reach out to him with my proposed edit. His response was informative: “Stan” is a made-up word that means “love and support no … Continue reading Reaching Gen Z