A Resilient Life

As I survey the inner landscape of the market and ministry leaders that I work with regularly, most are discouraged, drained, depleted and depressed. It seems the ways in which we’ve sought to navigate political discord, racial tensions and a global pandemic are not sustainable. Add to that, our personal lives, stresses and schedules. Most … Continue reading A Resilient Life

Narrow Your Focus

The sounds are deafening. New message alerts combined with colleagues (or kids) talking outside your door make it difficult to focus. You open Facebook and your feed screams contrary messages, while clients keep calling to demand your response to the latest social issues. We struggle to hear ourselves think, and we wonder if we are … Continue reading Narrow Your Focus

Contagious Calm

I’ll begin with a confession. This year, I have felt drawn towards anxiety like never before. It’s not a big, loud anxiety. It’s more like a low-grade fever, or a little strained back muscle that’s subtle most of the time, but turn the wrong way and it can seize your whole body. I’ll be hummin’ … Continue reading Contagious Calm