Why Dignity?

Why dignity? I often am asked this question and further, how does dignity relate to leadership and workplace culture? Understanding dignity means to acknowledge and recognize the inherent worth of every human being. Because of this, everything we do, especially leadership, is an opportunity to make significant impact. Here is how it works. God made us in his … Continue reading Why Dignity?

Leaders of Influence

Politics aside, we can all agree that we live in a time of economic uncertainty. This is a time when the need for influential leadership is paramount to organizational growth. Organizational growth only comes from leading teams that get results. Organizational growth only comes from leading teams that get results. Most organizations ebb and flow with … Continue reading Leaders of Influence

Tapping into the Source

In your leadership, do you struggle with insecurity, irritability or being overwhelmed? Do you face toxic relationships, uncertainties or challenges that you are not sure how to address? If you’re reading this magazine, my guess is that you’re likely to believe that, through faith in Jesus, we have the Holy Spirit within us, as a … Continue reading Tapping into the Source

Breakthrough Leadership

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” (Nelson Mandela) If you’re a ministry leader, you likely believe changing the world is possible. You may have dedicated your career to leading your ministry toward finding a way to fund your cause. Yet, the new challenges you face in today’s nonprofit landscape can make the outcome you’re … Continue reading Breakthrough Leadership

The Development Cycle

With a big smile, Jay stood up, notes in hand, and exclaimed, “OK, thank you. Now I am ready to really go for it! I love having these conversations!” We had just finished a conversation clarifying ministry objectives and individual development goals. I was curious. He’s a highly effective leader, who, from my perspective, already … Continue reading The Development Cycle