Books for Winter 2018

BOOKS In each edition of Outcomes, Christian Leadership Alliance highlights books to help you to think higher as a Christian leader. Here are 12 volumes exploring vital leadership topics, including this edition’s theme of “innovation.” 1. Sleeping Giants: Authentic stories and insights for building a life that matters By Dr. Nathan Mellor (Monocle Press, Nov., … Continue reading Books for Winter 2018

Donation Abandonment

According to multiple studies, 50 to 70 percent of online donation attempts end before completion. Let’s put “donation abandonment” into real-world context. We pour precious resources –money, time and creativity – into finding like-minded donors and convincing them to view our website. These potential donors then click the “Donate” button, saying in effect, “Yes! I … Continue reading Donation Abandonment

Bright Spots

Do you sense it? Something big is going on. The world is changing. Technology has transformed our lives. It has altered the way we expect to engage with each other, with the companies from which we buy, and with the donors who support our ministry. And it’s changing at a pace we’ve never seen before. … Continue reading Bright Spots