Books for Fall 2018

BOOKS 1. Learning to Lead like Jesus: 11 principles to help you serve, inspire and equip others By Boyd Bailey (Harvest House Publishers, 2018) Book Overview  2. The Kingdom Life: A practical theology of discipleship and spiritual formation By Dallas Willard and others … (NavPress, 2016) Book Overview 3. The Four Gifts of the King … Continue reading Books for Fall 2018

Ride the Wave

My first job out of college was as a development director for a Christian school. I honestly didn’t even know what a development director was when I applied for the position, but quickly fell in love with how the role combined two passions God had been stirring in me throughout my college years: ministry and … Continue reading Ride the Wave

Relationships that Recharge

The frontline of relief for orphaned and vulnerable children, within communities that experience extreme poverty, is often a place where you must actively look for hope. Although there are innumerable stories of transformation that occur, and immeasurable hope can been experienced within those transformations, working in communities where structures of poverty exist can at times … Continue reading Relationships that Recharge

Good Shepherds

Have you ever served in an environment where you truly thrived? The word itself brings visions of flourishing … of prospering and developing, growing and progressing, succeeding and advancing … of bearing fruit in such a way that a person’s service is a sincere pleasure, a deep delight and a true joy. In his wisdom, … Continue reading Good Shepherds

Hungry to Thrive

Years ago, I heard a quote attributed to the late Peter Drucker, although some have questioned whether he really said it. Regardless of the source, the message stuck with me: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” When we consider what it takes to thrive as Christian leaders, we may tend to rely heavily on strategy. After … Continue reading Hungry to Thrive