On Mission

My first Taylor University board meeting started as anticipated. A fresh cup of hot coffee, black and strong. A prayer for the outcomes and leading of the Spirit over the next two and a half days, and then roll call. We’re all here. I’ve read the material provided, have my notes and questions prepared and … Continue reading On Mission

A Tectonic Shift

If we were to step out of our own narrative and look at our organizations through the questioning eyes of a dispassionate but informed observer, what do we see and to what conclusions might we come? What is the net gain of all the energy, sacrifice and giving? I realize it is not particularly novel … Continue reading A Tectonic Shift

Know Your Why

Why should someone donate to your ministry? How you answer this question—and if you’ve ever asked someone for money you’ve already answered it, whether consciously or not—says a lot about how you communicate with your donors and the type of relationship you have with them. If you tell your donors that without their support your … Continue reading Know Your Why

Innovate To Great

Remember Circuit City? “Where service is state of the art”? Dark, cavernous consumer electronics stores with red carpet and nearly-impossibly- knowledgeable salespeople? Ring a bell? Not if you’re under 30, because Circuit City — one of Jim Collins’ “great” companies in his bestseller Good To Great (Harper Collins, 2001) — declared bankruptcy in 2008. That’s … Continue reading Innovate To Great