Sacred Space

Do you feel pressed for time, caught up in the swirl and white water toxicity of a never ending work culture? It doesn’t have to be that way. Words like rest, alone, a quiet place, and sacred space can and need to be operative realities for how we practice our leadership. For example, when Jesus … Continue reading Sacred Space

Real Rest. Really?

Laughter. The sound emanated from the mobile phone speaker, filling my office. This was the eighth phone conversation and the eighth response of incredulous laughter. Though I hadn’t expected it, I knew I had earned this response to my proposal. I was proposing an organization-wide rest and renewal study. I called strategic team-leaders in my … Continue reading Real Rest. Really?

Sleeping Giants

I was standing on the front porch of a ranch house in southern Oklahoma when the director of the leadership retreat approached. He said, “We’ll start soon. Everybody is here but one.” I was there to facilitate the group and I nodded my head in agreement. He continued, “The last one just called. She made … Continue reading Sleeping Giants